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Wed, May 04



idus Campaign (May 2022)

鬱金香花燈/多士碟套裝/韓國食品(待定)(3 選 1)

Registration is Closed
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idus Campaign  (May 2022)


May 04, 2022, 7:00 AM – May 14, 2022, 11:59 PM



⚠️Adting活動報名 (idus+Rewards)






-有興趣者,請於1/5/2022或之前click 報名!


-blogger需要在Instagram 於 14/5/2022或之前 出一個post介紹鬱金香花燈/多士碟套裝/韓國食品,並保留不少於三十天。



2. 多士碟套裝





1000 followers 以上:總共 HKD$670 (已包括產品費用)

10k followers 以上:總共 HKD$800(已包括產品費用)


- Instagram 出1個Post (先交由Adting審批)

- Instagram Account 設定為公開

- 帖子必須保留及不可隱藏至少30天

- post 的相中tag

- post 的hashtag 必須有#handmade #idusglobal

- 內文顯示產品評價/描述,送貨時間(約7天),專屬優惠碼(每單85折扣)

- 發帖文3天後,提交洞察報告




💵 Rewards 將於出post 後約30天發放

⚠️Adting Campaign Registration (idus+Rewards)



idus is the leading handmade marketplace in Asia, renown for our vast array of unique products ranging from home decor to personalized accessories. Having grown tired of seeing the same trends and designs being recycled back and forth by customers and consumers alike, idus decided to step up and become a platform that could provide you with the most exclusive and special goods impossible to find elsewhere. We as a company stand for the values of sustainability, individuality, and responsibility, both for our customers as well as the planet, and hope to continue to spread the magic of handcrafting to every corner of the world.

You can check out the details here:


-If you are interested, please click to register before 1/5/2022

-After registration, only successful applicants will receive confirmation message and order details by Whatsapp.

-Bloggers have to share 1 photo post to introduce Tulip/Kara Flower Bouquet Mood Lamp or Toast Themed Plate Set

or Korean food (TBC) on Instagram before 14/5/2022.

Free Trial Product (choose 1 out of 3)

1.Tulip/Kara Flower Bouquet Mood Lamp

2.Toast Themed Plate Set

3.Korean Food (TBC)


-Place an order and pay on the website, the product fee and reward will be distributed after fulfilment of campaign requirement.

⚠️ currency shown on idus website is USD.

1000 followers or above:Total HKD$670 (including product fee)

10k followers or above:Total HKD$800(including product fee)


- Share 1 photo post (send to Adting for review) on Instagram

- Instagram Account sets to public

- Post must to be kept and not hidden for at least 30 days

- IG post must Tag

- Required hashtags: #handmade #idusglobal

- Caption shows product review/description, delivery time(~7days), customised promo code (15% off for each order)

- Send the instagram insights after posting for 3 days


⚠️ The post must be sent to Adting for review before sharing on Instagram, otherwise it will be regarded as non-compliance with requirements.

⚠️Campaign quota is limited, if the number of applicants exceeds the quota, the host will select the successful applicants.

💵 Rewards will be released after around 30 days from posting

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