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Chiu Tung

Chiu Tung takes food delivery service to new heights with Influencer Marketing.

潮童食品Chiu Tung: 生記滷味外賣送上門, Adting


Platform Used

The Story

Taking food delivery service to new heights

Chiu Tung (潮童) is a spin-off delivery platform of Sang Kee Foods (生記滷味), a popular restaurant in Sai Ying Pun renowned for its traditional Chiu Chow cuisines. Chiu Tung is now delivering high quality marinated Chiu Chow food all over Hong Kong to fuel the growth of the stay-at-home economy.

The Goal

Deliver all over Hong Kong

Chiu Tung's goal is to deliver their Chiu Chow cuisines all over Hong Kong. To achieve this, their first step is to build up a website for customers to shop online. To further attract new customers and raise brand awareness, their food and brand need to get more exposure online.

The Solution

Solution: Online platform with Influencer Marketing

Chiu Tung launched an influencer-marketing campaign with the help of Adting to promote their convenient food service and delicious marinated Chiu Chow food on Instagram. The campaign reached 56,244 audience and drove 11X more traffic to their website, thus increasing the food orders by 2X.

The Results


Reached audience on Instagram


Drove more traffic to their website


Increased food orders

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