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Most cost effective and huge returns

We are the platform to connect brands and Influencers in Hong Kong.

Are you finding ways to promote your new product or new restaurant?
Working with Influencers can achieve the best potential Return on Investment (ROI). Let's check out our services.

Influencer Campaigns


About Us

ADTING is a marketing agency connecting Hong Kong influencers and brands. Our influencers are strictly selected based on their audience, post quality and engagement rate.

Large influencers platform

We have influencers from all walks of life to reach your target groups.

Quality Control

We ensure all social media content is authentic and meet client's requirements.

Evaluation & Report

We provide data analysis and report to the client for future marketing plans and actions.

Our Services


4 Steps to promote business 

Step 1

Develop promotion strategy together.

Step 2

Match with suitable influencers. 

Step 3

Influencers feature campaign content on social media.

Step 4

Evaluate and analyze campaign result.

Create Awareness

Through campaign hashtags and social media engagement, local influencers can spread the word in organic, real-life situation resonates with their audience.  

Meanwhile, clients can keep track of the posts and monitor marketing performance.

Event Promotion

Influencers attend events and create content and share on social media. These posts can reach wide spectrum of audience and raise public awareness.

Product Launch

Influencers display client’s products to their fans in a creative way and increase brand awareness.

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